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The name

Annibale was definitely a climber. And quite a tenacious one.
He crossed the Alps pushing hard, as hard as we push the pedals on a steep climb.
He was also very smart and resourceful.
Plus, he had such a tremendous name! I just couldn’t resist it.

The maker

I have been riding bicycles since I was a kid. I love cycling because it gives me freedom and it rewards every drop of sweat with buckets of endorphins and unbeatable views. 

Another thing I love to do is designing and sewing. I have been sewing my own clothes out of anything experimenting with kitchen towels, upholstery and all sorts of scrap material. I prefer to work with remnants whenever I can, to spare the world some trash.
I like to think I sew as a cyclist would, in a green, kind, enjoyable and cool way.

The product

All Annibale cycling caps are hand made by me. I mostly use scrap fabric, especially fat quarters and mostly from African wax prints. This material is perfect as it has a stronger texture and beautiful patterns.
An African himself, Annibale would surely approve of it!


When picking a fabric I try to imagine how a pattern would look on a cyclist’s sweaty head, under the helmet, on a table next to the wake up cup of coffee. I tend to choose brighter colours because they look nice on a bike and because visibility is important for a cyclist's safety.

Most caps are unique. I chose to make them out of remnants, which also means I cannot replicate the same model infinite times. It has to be one of a kind.
And I quite like it this way.


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